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About EAB

EAB - our beloved author of these titles - passed on in late 2021. She is dearly remembered and celebrated here by her friends and family.

EAB - or MI (em-eye) to her close friends, delighted in writing stories about boys and men in love. MI wrote constantly, every time we saw her, she'd soon have a laptop open and would be busily typing away on some new hot romance idea or scene.

EAB began her career in online writing roleplay groups and soon after collecting a significant body of works, reached out to the Yaoi/BL publishing community about opportunities. She soon published novels and comics with Dreamspinner, Sybaritic Press and Yaoi Revolution before launching her own brand Lovaboy in 2019. Her signature title: My Gentle Giant made a huge splash on the comic apps scene and soon gathered millions of fans. In honor of her and her creations and fans, we are working hard to provide you with an ongoing source for her works in both print and digital. Please follow along as we release never before seen content as well as bring to conclusion many of her popular works both here and at EAB Patreon