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Heart to Heart novel set (Fated Paths and Fated Bonds)

Heart to Heart novel set (Fated Paths and Fated Bonds)

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College student and Omega, Erin Holloway, thought his future was secured until his high school sweetheart upended his world. Determined to start a new life, Erin applies to be a nanny for a wealthy pilot and his young daughter.

Widowed pilot and Alpha, Remington Baker, was in a bind when his long-time nanny decided to retire. After searching relentlessly, he comes across the bubbly Erin and decides to give him a chance.

Can two broken hearts become one, or will secrets and guilt from their pasts prove too big an obstacle to surmount?

Fated Paths is Book One, and Fated Bonds is Book Two. They are sold together as a set. Both novels are illustrated.

This is an Omegaverse story-- a subgenre of fiction where humans are divided in a dominance hierarchy of dominant Alphas, neutral Betas, or submissive Omegas.


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